Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) allows you to have state of the art equipment without the large, up-front costs and the hassle of maintaining it. Atrium’s HaaS program provides the equipment and the maintenance that comes with it so that you can focus on running your business! With periodic technology refreshes, you’re sure to have the latest equipment to help run your business!

Remote Monitoring & Management

Using Best-In-Class tools, we take a proactive approach to managing your infrastructure. From intrusion prevention to anti-virus and anti-malware, our tools will help give you peace of mind knowing that your organization is safe from external threats.  From the inside, our industry standard “Best Practices” will help you stay safe from any potential internal threats as well.

Computer Repair

Computer repair is one of the most highly sought after services when it comes to technology. Computers process and save information and sometimes that processing can take a toll on the computer.